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Where To Buy Jasmine Flowers

where to buy jasmine flowers

    jasmine flowers
  • The delicate jasmine flower opens only at night; however we’ve added this exotic flower for its aromatic scent day or night. Its warming fragrance can stimulate brain activity promoting feelings of harmony and well being.

  • (The Jasmine Flower) The Jasmine Flower is an album by Heather Nova, released in 2008.

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where to buy jasmine flowers - Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Flowers Whole 16 Oz (1 Pound)

Jasmine Flowers Whole 16 Oz (1 Pound)

Top quality herbs, spices and botanicals with the lowest possible prices and no extra handling fees, delivered fresh to you with friendly complete support and assistance. Highest quality for the lowest price with the best service all the time, we thank you very much for your patronage and for trusting us with your order. Please see our entire line of Wendy Herbs and Botanicals, we have a vast supply of the common and the uncommon and as always, you do not have to overpay to get the very best.

87% (18)

One of the rarest flowers on earth: The Ghost Orchid

One of the rarest flowers on earth: The Ghost Orchid

Letter Nine. Love letters in the Sand letters from Kiara by JasMine Snow.

Life is a choice as freedom is a choice. Love is here to rescue us my dear one, do awaken my love and make haste. Wake up sleeping-one this is love calling out to you that your very soul may be saved. Stop tip-toeing here and there jumping off and on the neon wide-road. It has been written those walking the wide road will meet their doom. Love is asking you to change directions in your life by leaving the wide road behind you.

God's Word warns us: "I shall make mortal man rarer than refined gold, and earthling man [rarer] than the gold of O?phir." Isaiah 13: 12. The one walking in God's light becomes prepared under a star-lit-sky of a heavenly fusion. The absolute-beauty of the moon and the magnificence of the heavenly stars fascinate me; God's silent witnesses to us about His Creations. The morning sun is rising. It’s bright and warming, drawing us to gaze towards its brilliance.

We are reminded that God's Son is as the light in dark places. My dear one, I hear you calling out for me in your thoughts as a beating heart keep’s us alive, I am here for you. And God has not forsaken you as it is God judging all hearts. Like a cool breeze across the mountains, I am in search of you my dear one.
Please don't misunderstand, money and fame in itself is not to blame. The ruler of this world is the biggest of gamblers.

the Author’s interest is to explore the ways of the prophecies in action which are unfolding throughout the bible. Charlie, our love resonates as an inner spiritual light by the planting of the seed. The seed of God's Word has been planted in fine soil and has been growing strong inside our one-heart where I await your return. Simply because I am yours & you are mine, love has bought us time to prepare and time to find one another once again before the world ends.

Love brings me back to you. Love will bring you back to me. Love brings us to the beginning of our journey. Love will unite us in the exact moment we are meant to be. God has allowed us each our own free will to return to Him by choice. I was as clay in His palm when he created me to be the one for you. Genuine love is what God continues to mold my heart into He being the potter & my heart the clay. One will reap what they sow and sow what they reap.

One heart, I pray you will seek love and that love
may be found by you while time still remains. Do not forget the One called love because love will not fail us. Come walk in love. Love will be the power guiding you home to me. Leave hate and its sins behind you.
Like the clock on the wall that has stopped, time stood still when our eyes first met. I did not choose-never did I choose to live this life without you. Your rescue will be by the spirit of truth.

Beloved one, I look forward to seeing you again before Armageddon arrives on earth. When we meet again this time, we will become “one-flesh”, united as husband and wife, united sacredly in God’s Spirit of Truth. Time was created by God to be infinite, never ending and eternal. Time without you is as traveling the seven seas day in & day out never to find the long awaited message in the bottle. Accept the love of the truth that you might be saved.

We can see into the future by God's prophecies if it is truth we are truly seeking. Everlasting life together on earth can be ours till the end of time. Time not as mankind has known but as God designed it to be. God's war is where I want to walk hand in hand with you, walking through the Great Tribulation with palm branches in our palms. The calling from God's voice can be heard throughout all nations by the sharing of the Good News. Thunder is the sound of God's voice speaking to us. Lightning strikes by the very flames of Jah, birthing the brightest of all dawns.

The cooing of the doves can be heard; I think of us and feel the longing for us to be together as husband and wife. On that fateful day in sweet-July, I met up with the man who is to be my future. And God will have him come my way if true love does indeed exist as it was God that heard me pray. Believe in the truth of God’s good news as it is from God's Word that I bring to you good tidings. Even the angels of heaven are declaring the good news of God's established government Kingdom throughout all nations.

Charlie, let it be by God's Will that our union together
forever be as one-flesh. Two hearts become joined together by our sacred marriage. Bless us, Grand Creator of infinite & everlasting time. Yahweh/Jehovah you are my God & my strength by the powers of true love bring back together your soul-mates. My helper, my comfort, you are my truest friend. Never have you left me and you O' Jehovah are the eternal & forever God of heaven & earth. "Do pay attention to the sound of my cry for help, O my King and my God, because to you I pray." Psalms5:2.

I sing David's psalms of praise to our eternal and everla



What was your inspiration for this installation? How did you dream up this installation?

The inspiration came while searching for ideas to work on for this space. I happened to be sharpening a pencil and upon looking at the shavings, I imagined so many possibilities of transforming it.
This dream started off when I was thinking of making wind chimes using pencils, undressed in a way where it would be the lead lines that would be tinkling against each other.

Why the title?
The above idea struck me as immensely poetic. The thought of it made me wonder what it would be like to be in a space full of it… surrounded by the sound of it… like millions of tiny metal origami crafted ants tiptoeing… like ‘a roomful of old ladies clattering their fingernails’.

Tell us about the creation process of this installation?

Well… I bought a LOT of pencils (2000 over). Then, I bought 2 kinds of pencil sharpeners. They gave different kinds of shavings. I shaved and shaved the many pencils I had.
Upon shaving them, I collected all the parts that I would have thrown away. The different shavings, the pencil nibs, the different graphite powder, the tiny left over pencils and the little pieces of wood that would stick out like loose teeth after breaking the nibs.
Having a certain amount of powder lent to the surprise of a branch of drawings. The breaking of nibs lead to a different set of drawings. On trying to figure out how to use the collection of pencil nibs… I stumbled on a very interesting tool, which lead to a further set of drawings.
The many unplanned chanced upon parts of the process were the parts that left me in intrigue. That I had stumbled upon a degree of an entire spectrum felt like I had an entire spectrum to explore.
I would try to show this aspect of the process to people who passed by who had the time and interest.
Which was one of the reasons I worked on site for over a month. I didn’t want people who passed by to solely see a final work of a space filled with pencil parts. What I wanted to show to the public was something like how I wanted to see a cook make a pasta dish, from the selection of ingredients to the chopping to the frying to the finishing touches to the cleaning and hanging of pans and spoons.

Some people helped me sharpen some pencils. I REALLY appreciated that. There were even few people who’d come by regularly.
Working at the space and trying to find ways to use the different pieces were what were important to me. To have a strict end product was not important. But I did look at the space as something living. So the elements within had some form of behavior in my mind.

Why Pencils? Shavings? Lead?

I thought it was an interesting medium. I generally regard it (pencil) as a tool. Something to draw or write with. That tool was reduced to be used as a medium for a different surface… the space that was given to me.
Another aspect that interested me was the material used after its being processed. They are just shavings. Something that I just throw away after getting a sharp point off my pencil. That potential of using such a part of a material… an abject… was something that tickled me.
The lead was a part of the pencil. I wouldn’t throw it away but would find different ways of using it.

What were some of the comments and feedback you received from onlookers whilst setting up the installation?

From “Wow pencils! Very creative!” to “A waste of pencils.”

I made certain shapes (that were eventually not used) that looked like flowers to a lot of people. One person mentioned that it looked like snowflakes. I enjoyed that comment because I felt that was closer to what I had imagined it to be.

After seeing me work away on the sharpener, one person suggested that it would be less work for me if I went to kindergartens (nurseries) and collected the shavings that the kids throw everyday.

There were two Indian men who approached me while I was working on the side where shavings were attached to strings. They looked at it for a while and started inquiring.
They mentioned it looked like a wedding room of the Indian tradition where it was hung in a similar manner but using flowers of Jasmine and of another kind walling the entire room. And many more I cannot remember at this moment.


I’m an Indian national, brought up in Dubai and have recently completed my Bachelor (Honors) in Fine Arts course at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore.

where to buy jasmine flowers

where to buy jasmine flowers

Jasmine Flower - Whole - 4 oz.

Jasmine Flower (whole) : Jasminum grandiflorum (Oleaceae)One of the most treasured flowers of the East for their almost hypnotic qualities Jasmine flowers make a calming and sedative infusion taken to relieve tension. The oil is considered antidepressant and relaxing. It is used externally to soothe dry and sensitive skin. Jasmine tea is a powerful aphrodisiacal elixer and widely used in Asia for this purpose.Mystical use of jasmine dates back to the early vedic times in India. Considered to be the daughter of the Moon all Jasmine flowers are only picked in moonlight in India to this day!Useful properties: Aromatic aphrodisiacal anti-spasmodic expectorant nervine and sedative.This shade dried organically grown Jasmine Flower (whole) is a product of a small traditional farm sustained by ESutras

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