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Flower Display Pictures

flower display pictures

    display pictures
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flower display pictures - High Quality

High Quality New Universal Studios Flower Drum Song Type Dvd Musicals Theatrical Motion Picture Video Domestic

High Quality New Universal Studios Flower Drum Song Type Dvd Musicals Theatrical Motion Picture Video Domestic

The only Rodgers and Hammerstein cinemadaptation to be produced by Universal Pictures, Flower Drum Song was, alas, also the only Rogers and Hammerstein film to lose money at the box office. It looks far better now than it did back in 1961, if only because of the paucity of musical films in the 1990s. Essentially a comedy about the culture clash between old-world Chinese and assimilated Chinese-Americans, the film begins when Mei Li (Miyoshi Umeki) and her grandfather (Kam Tong) smuggle themselves into San Francisco. It seems that Mei Li has arrived to honor an arranged marriage between herself and Runyonesque nightclub owner Sammy Fong (the incomparable Jack Soo). This might prove delicate, since Sammy is in love with flashy cabaret entertainer Linda Low (Nancy Kwan). Meanwhile, Linda is romancing Wang Ta (James Shigeta), the son of a wealthy Chinatown merchant (Benson Fong). Soon, however, Mei Li and Wang Ta have fallen in love.It's a complex plot, to be sure, but comedy and music manage to predominate. The songs include "I Enjoy Being a Girl" (a tour de force for the special effects department, and for Nancy Kwan), "A Hundred Million Miracles," "The Other Generation," "Love Look Away," "I Am Going to Like It Here," "Don't Marry Me," "You Are Beautiful," "Grant Avenue" and "Chop Suey." Flower Drum Song is attractively produced and consummately acted; while no classic along the lines of King and I or Sound of Music, it deserves a second look. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi.

86% (5)

Flower display at Brussels Grand Place

Flower display at Brussels Grand Place

Every two years the already very impressive Grand Place in Brussels is transformed into a vibrant sea of flowers for just a few days. Around 800,000 begonias are carefully placed by craftsmen onto the square's cobble-stones to form a beautiful 3,200 square foot carpet.

Rather than a top-down view which can be seen from the balcony of the town hall, this is a more perspective ground-level view along the long side of the square.

This image incorporates rather a lot of the surrounding field, which is normally only attainable with an ultra wide-angle lens. However, in this case I was restricted to the 24mm focal length my zoom lens offers at the short end.

To capture the wider field, I took several vertical pictures slightly offset to each other to obtain a panoramic view of the scene. Using image processing software the individual shots can be aligned, equalised and stitched together to produce a larger image offering a wider view of the scene. One important trick is to set the camera mode to 'manual' to keep the exposure settings the same for the individual frames, and ideally to mount the camera on a tripod for a clean panning motion between frames.

135:365 - Picture in picture

135:365 - Picture in picture

Today we went to Major's Hill Park in the downtown Ottawa to see the annual Tulip festival. Our son will be performing on stage along with his class next weekend so there was a brief rehearsal today.

While he was waiting for his stage number I quickly took this picture of him in the beautiful floral display in the stage's proximity. Some people do know how to work with flowers ;)

flower display pictures

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