Floral Arrangements For Home

floral arrangements for home

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floral arrangements for home - 101 Flower

101 Flower Arrangements: Stylish Home Ideas

101 Flower Arrangements: Stylish Home Ideas

Each volume in the 101 Homes series is filled with inspirational and creative design ideas that will enliven your home without hurting your budget.

Each book in the 101 Homes series offers 101 great design ideas with full-color photos, and contains a directory of useful suppliers, with web addresses. 101 Finishing Touches puts the expert knowledge of an army of stylists into the hands of the home decorator, and provides a wide range of insider secrets with simple instructions to get the ideas off the page and into the home. Carefully divided by project type into 10 sections, each project is supported with a beautiful color photograph, a list of what's needed and easy-to-follow instructions. 101 Ideas for Downstairs presents details on every step of decorating living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. It's filled with valuable insights into choosing colors, mixing patterns and being creative with lighting and finishing touches. There's something about bedrooms and bathrooms that gives people the confidence to be a little daring and experimental, and 101 Ideas for Upstairs is filled with in-depth advice on how to create a look you'll love. 101 Flower Arrangements is packed with stylish, creative and, above all, easy ideas for everything from combining different color and flower shapes to making the best use of vases. A special section covers quick and easy ideas that can be achieved in under five minutes.

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Home at last...

Home at last...

12 doctors, 6 days in the hospital, 2 CT scans, 2 chest X-rays, 1 spinal tap, 1 NG tube, 3 IV lines, 3 EKG probes and an assortment of other tubes and probes = 1 really nice floral arrangement from your aunt and uncle!

For those who didn't know, in the middle of our annual World Changers trip (see the immediately prior photos in my photostream), my daughter became very sick. She had been participating, working on a crew that was painting and roofing a house for thru Wednesday. Then Wednesday evening she didn't feel so good and by Thursday AM was running a high fever. A trip to the ER turned into an extended stay in the hospital. There were tests for Meningitis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Appendicitis and various other infectious diseases. In the end, it appears she has a very bad kidney infection which may have been either the primary or secondary infection. With lots of antibiotics, shes feeling much better!

Many thanks to the staff at Arkansas Childrens Hospital! We were hundred of miles from home and basically living in the hospital with her. They made us feel right at home and even though we were facing some very scary things at times, they never scared us too bad. Also many thanks to our local friends in Little Rock! The World Changers project ended and we were still in the hospital--all of our friends went on back home. But our friends with the city government who'd we'd worked with the past three years kept checking on us as did our camp pastor who is at a church in North Little Rock. Thanks guys--it was nice to not be entirely alone thru all this.

...And that's how we spent out TWO weeks in Little Rock, Arkansas this summer!

Basket Floral Arrangement.jpg

Basket Floral Arrangement.jpg

Basket floral arrangement meant to be displayed in middle of table. Looks very elegant and perfect for Baby Showers, Quinceaneras, Bridal Showers or for display in your home. Flowers and amounts used:
-Boxwood 1/3
- varigated pittasporum 1/2
- bells of ireland 1/4
-Lisianthus (purple) 1/3
- Misty Blue 1/5
- Imported Hydrangea (1)
- Vendella Roses (3)
- Daisy Pompons (2)
- Gerbera Daisy (1)
- 201 Mache (Plastic)
- Basket Size 201
- 1 Oasis Brick
For the Hydrangeas to make them last: Only buy imported ones, dip in "Quick Dip", Spray with "Clear Life"

floral arrangements for home

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