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Prom Flower For Guys

prom flower for guys

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Today was prom.
Spent the day with Rowan before hand, walked her down to tesco, and then producing a collection of 3 roses neatly presented fresh from the florist just for her... :)
I decided to buy Rowan 3 roses, as she's going away for 3 weeks, plus it was prom day and also, she's such a lovely girl it's un-natural.
Anyway, after sorting out the flowers, I got my dad to give Rowan a lift back to her house in Sorrel, to save a 3 mile walk!! which was handy :)
Then it was time to get ready, I had some pointy shoes that I'm now obsessed with and shall be a major feature within my next few photos I believe. Need to wear them in a bit more! I spent a lot of time on my hair, as always.
Making sure I was clean shaven also.
Off I went, to prom.
Spent the night with Rowan, as not knowing many people around tbh.
Was more than lovely, dancing away to classics, spotting out any other couples!
Danced part of the night away whilst being a social guy :)
Then returned home, giving Rowan and Joe a lift home!!

Rowan's gone for 3 weeks now, jeez :/
I will miss her lots and lots :)

I've been far.

I've been far.

:( It makes me sad that I haven't been on flickr for so long, but with everything the end of the school year brings such as prom,finals,sat/acts/,graduation, there has just been no time :/. But I'm so relieved it's summer & I'm so excitied for all the photos I've yet to take. So I hope you guys will be patient & still take time to check out some of my work, much love Nicole (: !

prom flower for guys

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