Organic Flower Delivery

organic flower delivery

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organic flower delivery - Country Sunflower

Country Sunflower Bouquet

Country Sunflower Bouquet

The flowers of spring have arrived in all their resplendent glory, ready to bring their beguiling, shifting light into your home. Celebrate the fresh outdoors with the radiant faces of this abundant bouquet.
VeriFlora® Certified
16 mini sunflowers or 10 large sunflowers
8 solidago
5 hypericum
*Vase not included.
An order placed by 11AM Pacific Time Monday – Thursday will arrive the next day with Amazon's Standard and Expedited shipping. Orders placed on Friday – Sunday with these methods will be fulfilled on Monday and arrive on Tuesday. Next–Day shipping is reserved for Saturday deliveries on orders placed by 11AM on Friday, with an additional $10 fee.

87% (15)

Weekly CSA Share

Weekly CSA Share

Those raspberries were gone in ten minutes.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a ... model of food production, sales and distribution aimed at both increasing the quality of food and the quality of care given the land, plants and animals – while substantially reducing potential food losses and financial risks for the producers. It is also a method for small-scale commercial farmers and gardeners to have a successful, small-scale closed market. CSA’s focus is usually on a system of weekly delivery or pick-up of vegetables, sometimes also flowers, fruits, herbs and even milk or meat products in some cases. (source: wikipedia)

* Please visit localharvest.org to do a simple search by zip code to find CSAs in your area.
* Thank you to King's Hill Farms for providing me with year-round delicious organic fruits and vegetables in an unconventional, flexible, delicious share each week!
* Thank you to True Nature Foods in Chicago for hosting a pickup spot and being an all around great place!

King's Hill Farms located in Wisconsin, operates a non-traditional CSA. They go year round by getting fruit and vegetables from organic farms all over the world when they are not in their growing season. Im guessing that they probably supplement even during their growing season when necessary. I realize this defeats the localist ideal of a CSA but in the midwest with such a short growing season, we would be importing fruit and vegetables from elsewhere anyway, I reason. Sure I could make different choices as far as how FAR these fruits and vegetables would be travelling to get to me, but I prefer to go this route with the farm.

Organic Summer Pizza

Organic Summer Pizza

I used a Boboli pizza crust for this one. I'll write up the bolognese sauce recipe later on, but the toppings were straight from Greenling Organic Delivery (which we have come to rely on weekly for our locally grown produce--think globally, buy locally!).

This week: spicy chicken sausage, squash blossoms, cherry plums, fresh basil and garlic. The flowers were a bit fragrant--I suggest using them a little more sparingly, like an herb instead of like a vegetable.

organic flower delivery

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